Shaolin Xinyiba Seminar mit Meister Hu

Samstag: 8. September 11-14 Uhr und 16-18 Uhr, 9. Sonntag September 10-12 Uhr und 13-15 Uhr


Shaolin XinYiBa Kung Fu weekend seminar with the Chinese Shaolin Master Hu Zheng Shen organized by the Weng Chun family Andreas Hoffmann. Everybody is welcome for this shaolin weekend at Weng Chun HQ Bamberg, Germany Shaolin Xinyiba wrote: An extraordinary opportunity for our European followers: 2 days of intense training in Bamberg, Germany, the 8. and 9. September 2018.
Subject will be principles and theory of Shaolin boxing and of Xinyiba, as well as the excellent Luohan (Cha Hua) 18 Hands form, to help put it all into practice.
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